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Foreclosure of Commercial Properties: Determining Anti-Deficiency Laws

When commercial properties go into foreclosure, borrowers may face more than the loss of their property. In some states, lenders have the right to a...

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Commercial Leases 101: Tenant Protections

Depending on the provisions stated in commercial contracts for the lease of property, commercial tenants may or may not have what their residential ...

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Property Litigation

These matters can be time consuming, frustrating, and stressful. No matter how overwhelming the situation has become, a commercial real estate law...

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Zoning in Commercial Real Estate

There are several issues that may occur before or after developing the commercial real estate property. Sometimes, there are ways to adjust certai...

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Purchasing Commercial Property

A great step to increase a growing business’s success is the purchase of commercial real estate. Commercial property comes in all different sizes....

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Business Lease Agreements

While this can be a great way to increase income, keep in mind that a business lease agreement is not as simple as it may seem.  As with every ma...

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